At its heart, Terrafic Energy is an organization committed to empowering people to lead a sustainable life using natural resources and renewable energy.

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Conserve Water


Every drop of water counts, especially when the world is rapidly moving towards an impending water crisis. Water scarcity is closely related to global warming, therefore, innovative water management technologies are the need of the hour to ensure water conservation and availability in the most water stressed regions of the of the world.

Our Products

Our Products

Terrafic Energy has partnered with novel international technology developers in the water sector to bring smart systems, scalable to small households, salons, hotels and resorts, recreation and picnic spots, offices, schools, gyms, restaurants, malls, hospitals and transportation hubs.

Gjosa is a Swiss patented shower head with Jet – Fusion and In-flow technology for a unique showering experience.
A smartly engineered water saving device installed in your taps that conserves both water and energy.