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Gjosa is a Swiss patented shower head with Jet – Fusion and In-flow technology for a unique showering experience Reduces up to 80% of water, energy, carbon emissions and utility expenses

Gjosa GS1

Gjosa GS3

Properties of Gjosa Water

  • 10 times smaller droplets than standard shower
  • High water flow velocity
  • Optimal rinsing & wettability
  • 25% less water & energy used than standard showers


High velocity water droplets ensures every drop of water is used efficiently

The UAE is among the top water-scarce countries in the world,
however it has world’s highest per capita water consumption of 550 liters per day. About 51% of the UAE’s water supply comes from groundwater, 42% from desalination plants and 7% from treated water.

With impending climate and water crises, there is an urgent need to use water sustainably and reduce water losses.

We offer technologically advanced and internationally certified fittings and fixtures to aid water conservation.

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Internationally accepted labels and certifications