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SICC Coating

SICC Coating

All ClimateCoating® coatings are based on reflective membrane technology and have a purely physical effect. The environmentally friendly and high-performance coatings have been impressing users worldwide since 2003 with their special properties and high cost-effectiveness.

  • Heat and sunlight reflection upto 91 %
  • Unique vacuumized glass ceramic spheres
  • High-tech adhesive and activators
  • High dispersion characteristics



Reflective Membrane Technology The secret lies in the specially developed glass ceramic hollow bodies, which enclose a vacuum. ClimateCoating combines these glass ceramic hollow bodies with an extremely adhesive, specially developed dispersion medium and selected activators.After application, the coating forms a so-called reflective membrane.

The effect and the advantages of the coating are based on basic processes of building physics: Reflection, directed evaporation and anti-electrostatic.The extraordinary material resistance makes the coatings robust, adaptable and very durable.

The environmental plus: All ClimateCoating® products are water-based and solvent-free.

The design advantage: almost all color shades are possible.


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