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Adiabatic cooling is a natural phenomenon based on which EcoMesh increases the efficiency of cooling equipment. Especially applicable to UAE climate, EcoMesh can improve the performance of any model, make or size of Mini Split, Rooftop, Air Cooled Chillers, Condensers, Air Inlet coolers and Dry Coolers.




EcoMESH controller initiates intermittent water spray that lowers the temperature through evaporative cooling to pre-cool the air entering the coils, hence the refrigeration cycle head pressure and discharge temperatures are lowered. Reduced discharge pressures and lower temperatures significantly increases the compressor life. The reduction in the excessive high discharge pressure and temperatures for the refrigeration cycle, reduce the mechanical stress on the system which provides reliable operation and much less maintenance.


  • 15-20% annual cost savings
  • Quick Payback – less than a year in hot counties
  • Reduces chiller energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Increases life of chiller
  • Simple to install & maintain