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“Every drop of water counts, especially when the world is rapidly moving towards an impending water crisis. Water scarcity is closely related to global warming, therefore, innovative water management technologies are the need of the hour to ensure water conservation and availability in the most water stressed regions of the of the world.”

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Terrafic Energy has partnered with novel international technology developers in the water sector to bring smart systems, scalable to small households, salons, hotels and resorts, recreation and picnic spots, offices, schools, gyms, restaurants, malls, hospitals and transportation hubs.


Gjosa is a Swiss patented shower head with Jet – Fusion and In-flow technology for a unique showering experience

Reduces up to 80% of water, energy, carbon emissions and utility expenses

Gjosa GS1
Gjosa GS3

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Properties of Gjosa Water

  • 10 times smaller droplets than standard shower
  • High water flow velocity
  • Optimal rinsing & wettability
  • 25% less water & energy used than standard showers


High velocity water droplets ensures every drop of water is used efficiently

The UAE is among the top water-scarce countries in the world,
however it has world’s highest per capita water consumption of 550 liters per day. About 51% of the UAE’s water supply comes from groundwater, 42% from desalination plants and 7% from treated water.

With impending climate and water crises, there is an urgent need to use water sustainably and reduce water losses.

We offer technologically advanced and internationally certified fittings and fixtures to aid water conservation.

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Smixin, from Switzerland, is a self-standing fully automated hand washing unit.

It comes in 3 varieties:

The Combi is a 3-in-1 hand washing system with optimized water, soap and paper dispenser Features

  • Video screen
  • Paper bin
  • Sensor
  • Real-time monitoring

The Compact is a 2-in1 soap and water dispenser, a next generation ecological faucet Features

  • Sensor
  • Real-time monitoring

The Comfort is an aerator that creates a flow rate of only 0.7 liter/minute saving 90% of water during hand wash Features

  • Sensor
  • Real-time monitoring

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Save up to 90% of water, 60% of soap and 60% of paper

Efficient hand wash which is in line with WHO recommendations
Encourages healthy hand washing behavior

Duration of each washing cycle lasts 20-30 seconds ensuring optimal hygiene and usage.

The only way to beat the pandemic is by maintaining higher standards of hygiene. However, lets be mindful of our water usage.

Water Blade

A smartly engineered water saving device installed in your taps that conserves both water and energy. It is easy to install and fits into almost any type of tap optimising flow into a sheet of water that is great for washing and rinsing.

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Save up to 50% of your water bill and 30% of your energy bill.

Optimised flow into a sheet of water that is great for washing and rinsing compliance with BREEAM and LEED


Household & Workplace
  •  Kitchen
  •  washroom
  •  Bathroom
  •  Easy to fit
  •  Flow control
  •  Consistent flow

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