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About Terrafic Energy

At its heart, Terrafic Energy is an organization committed to empowering people to lead a sustainable life using natural resources and renewable energy. With an overarching goal of mitigating climate change and preserving the earth’s natural environment, we work at the grass-root levels to make innovative technologies available to every person and organization. Our solutions not only bring you closer to nature, but they also integrate advanced technologies that harness the unlimited energy contained in natural resources like the sun, wind and water.

With the singular objective of enabling an easy transition from the current energy intensive and unsustainable lifestyle to a more responsible and environmentally secure life, we have partnered with leading energy specialists and international product manufacturers to provide cost-effective and technology-driven solutions.

Realizing Corporate Sustainability

“We constantly guide our customers on how to grow and maximize profit by employing our smart
water technologies and alternate energy saving solutions”

Water Solutions

Energy Solutions

Why Change ?

“Living sustainably brings us one step closer to saving our planet”
Monthly Savings

Gauranteed savings on DEWA
water and electricity bills

Water and Energy security

Become an independent producer and reduce dependance on the grid


Have abundant supply of clean water and electricity even at remote locations


365 days of sunshine guarantees high performance of solar panels whereas high temperatures and humidity ensures uninterrupted supply of fresh water

Improved Health

Pollution-free air, water and neighborhoods lead to a better quality of life and well-being.

Environmental conservation

Shifting away from fossil fuels reduces stress on natural resources and halts biodiversity loss

Reduced Emissions

Smart management of demand and supply leads to less energy consumption which in turn reduces carbon emissions

Reduced Waste

The per capita energy and bottled water consumption is reduced drastically leading to less waste generation per person

Terrafic Energy General Trading LLC

Sustainable Solutions for a Better Earth

Terrafic truly believe that preserving our Earth is the responsibility of each of us. The sum of individual effort and contribution creates a momentum that leads to profound changes.

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